8 Days After Kick-off: Which Super Bowl Ads are still awesome? And why YouTube views and ratings don’t necessarily mean donkey.

This Guest Post is written by Adam Stockton, a guy who: didn’t watch the Super Bowl, generally doesn’t enjoy watching commercials for fun, makes commercials for a living and is obviously not a copywriter.

1. NBC pre-game: 42,000 views.

Jesus H. This could possibly be the most epic of epic Super Bowl spots. NBC wasn’t selling me anything, they were entertaining me. That is how I like to spend the time in between commercial interruptions. Wait, NBC sells entertainment? Well, as long as I don’t know, I don’t mind. Thanks NBC and crew for not selling me anything. And how did you guys pull off that spot without an expensive ad agency? Great dialog, choreography, concept, music… maybe ad guys are not the best at making ads?

2. Toyota Reinvention: 3.4M views.

I love seeing spots that use the old top-secret creative trick: Clearly state the client’s mandated point, THEN spend the rest of the time supporting that point by being ridiculous. By the first sound of the announcer voiceover (VO), the yellow tint desaturated color transfer and the vintage wall radio, I could tell that it was the work of Old Spice-fame director Tom Kuntz. Tom used to be an agency guy, he knows the tricks well and does them better than anybody out there. It’s a really good way to make any client problem a creative solution.

3. Chrysler Halftime in America: 6.5M views.

Political? No. Patriotic? Yes. Awesome? Indeed. Just about anything you throw behind the powerful line “Imported From Detroit” might win me over. It works so well on so many different levels. It stabs at those of us Americans that feel the need to have something fancy from Germany, or those of us that want frugal, practical Japanese cars. Plus it gives the deflated Detroit a boost to its long lost ego. It also makes us believe that if Detroit wins, America wins. BUT, is Clint Eastwood in it because of the movie Gran Torino? I totally understand why Eminem was in the first spot, he is Detroit. Clint, you will always be the Mayor of Carmel, CA to me.

4. VW Dog: 10.6M views.

Saving the dog commercials for last. Really charming, if you went to go pee when it randomly switched to Star Wars. It went from charming, to self gratifying and saccharine. I’d love to know if Lance Accord was against it, but maybe the agency kept saying, “But Lance, anything that says Star Wars automatically gets at least 20M extra views!” And when was it required to put the Pink Pony Case Study along with the Super Bowl spots? I guess it is a good way to disguise advertising award show case study entries, masquerading as “making of” videos.

5. Doritos Man’s Best Friend: 2.1M views.

I have to give the Doritos team props for doing something that wasn’t full of their typical cheap shots. Plus, dogs killing cats, and writing notes like the illiterate Chick-fil-A cows is funny. But next time try to branch out and avoid using one of the only two music tracks Americans know. I can’t shake the image of Bugs Bunny giving Elmer Fudd a scalp massage with his feet to that song.

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