NEW MUSIC: Runaround Sue ft. Greg Banks by G-Eazy (VIDEO + DOWNLOAD)

G-Eazy’s, the talented West Coast rapper has hit every major music blog online and is invading our ears with nothing but rhythmic pleasure. Inspired by artists like A Tribe Called Quest, there is no doubt G-Eazy has his own unique flavor. While this beautifully-created video (above) gives off a soft 1950′s east coast vibe, don’t be fooled–this west coaster is coming on hard in the hip hop scene.

With Greg Banks absolutely slaying the hook, G-Eazy is truly a “tough act to follow.” Runaround Sue ft. Greg Banks by G-Eazy is summertime perfection and will be available on The Endless Summer album which drops tomorrow!

G-EazyImage from G-Eazy’s Website

Another Dope G-Eazy Track: Well Known ft. KAM Royal (Au Revoir Simone)

Well Known ft. Kam Royal by g-eazy


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