Photo: Afghan Girl Holds Hands with a Female American Soldier

American Female Soldier and Afghan Girl

image via imgur

The picture says 1,000 words. An Afghani girl holds the hand of a female American solider. Often times, being a soldier is looked at as a “man’s job”, but in this photo it is the opposite and the little girl looks on with admiration. What do you think of this photo? Comment below.

The photographer explained on Reddit:

“Clarification time, from the guy who took the pic….ME! 1. Not a staged photo. Just happened to catch it. 2. She was not wearing her helmet because we were attempting to display to the locals a level of trust. We were working the COIN piece here. 3. She was wearing the head scarf as a show of respect for their culture and beliefs. 4. Those of you who guessed ‘admiration’, you are center mass!! I spoke with the little girl after the shot, through a translator, and she said it was inspiring to see a woman do a mans job, which is not common in Afghanistan. 5. Soldier is wearing ACU’s because this was shot in 2010, we weren’t issued the new uniforms then. 6. A year-long running stream cut through this apricot orchard, though this area was destroyed four months later from a flood. We went back after that to help them rebuild. 7. Finally, this shot for me sums up the other side of the war CNN won’t show. I mourn my lost comrades to this conflict, and honor their service and memory by showing the world, this moment of tranquility and peace, that is what we fight for.”