Top 25 Tips For The Freshman Guys (at CU-Boulder)

Summer is wrapping up and you had a blast at prom but now you gotta put on your big boy pants and cut the umbilical cord–freshman year is here. Pack your post-pubescent facial wipes, kiss your mommy goodbye and welcome to college and The University of Colorado! Before you embark on this transcendent journey, take some pointers from The Adventurous 500 on how to come out on top. Hell, don’t just read this–print it and laminate it to your dorm room door.

1. Take Advantage Of Free Condoms At Your Campus Hospital (CU’s Wardenburg) - College is a breeding ground but don’t just take your partner’s word for it when it comes to sex. Baby mama drama can wait until you graduate.

Still can’t find a condom? There are no more excuses, check out MTV’s new iPhone condom app:

2. Don’t Get An MIP (minor in posession) - Freshman year is hard, don’t make it harder on yourself. MIP’s stay on your record and you’ll end up taking alcohol classes where they make you measure the amount you drink on a nightly basis.

3. Don’t Bring Illegal Substances Into The Dorms – Yes, someone can search your room and believe it or not they do a thorough job. So unless you want someone invading your privacy and possibly your anus with their fingers looking for extra contraband, don’t do this.

4. Don’t Lose Your Campus Card (Buff One) –
You can use it for everything from food to printing. Last time we checked it’s $25 to replace, $25 you could be spending on illegal substances that you just agreed to not bring back to your room. So be smart–staple it to your forehead.

5. Sit Next To The Hottest Girl In Class - This isn’t high school anymore, clicks no longer exist and nobody cares if she was captain of the dance squad (or if you were the chess club champion). Every guy has an equal shot and you don’t wanna miss out on a golden opportunity.

6. Watch Out For The Meter Maids – Parking tickets run $30 per offense. We suggest taking the bus as much as possible at CU-Boulder.

Campus Police CU Boulder 2012

7. Know That Campus Police Are REAL Police - As much as we love to taunt authorities and then run through campus laughing hysterically, there will be consequences afterwards.

8. Dorm Room Parties Are For Rookies - Do NOT allow other kids to “rage face” in your room. Network outside of your dorm, make some older friends and party elsewhere. That way you can damage someone else’s house, while increasing your chances of hooking up.

9. Don’t Waste Your Money On A Fake ID – We don’t know one person who kept a fake ID for more than a month. Save your cash and dignity.

10. Eat Somewhere Else Besides The Hill - We love hill food, but Boulder has some top notch places to grab a bite.

Freshman Year 2006

11. Befriend Your Entire Building – This group of kids will more than likely end up being some of the best friends you ever have.

12. Take Advantage Of Free Food – Even if you don’t care, which is the case 95% of the time, just show up to an event–it’s worth it.

13. Get Your Green Card If you’re gonna do something, do it right. Green cards are easy to obtain in Colorado if you’re in chronic pain (pun intended). CU-Boulder is known for 4/20, do it right–do it legal.

14. Don’t Piss Off Your Resident Advisor (aka R.A.) - The fact that anyone would volunteer to be an R.A. is beyond us, but these guys are known to power trip. Get in good with them and they’ll help you stay out of trouble.

15. Dump The At-Home High School Girlfriend – College is all about finding yourself and there is plenty of opportunity to do that in beautiful Boulder. Don’t prolong the inevitable and allow yourself to enjoy the finer things in college life–being single.

16. Don’t Enter A Relationship Freshman Year -
What do you mean she’s spending the night at a frat house? Seriously don’t do this to yourself. And if she wants to make it official, go on Facebook and list her as a favorite activity.

17. Be Nice To Fletcher - You’ll understand this once you get here. Here’s a hint…

18. Check Yourself - Nobody cares that you won state. Take off your letterman’s jacket and stop acting like a douche.

19. Go To Class - Professors at CU will drop your grade without a second thought.

20. Sewall Dining Hall For Breakfast, Grab & Go’s For Lunch and C4C For Dinner.

21. Network With The Right People - It’s not the msot comfortable thing to do, but it’s the NUMBER ONE reason you’re in college.

22. The One Man Wolfpack Unless you’re with an all-girl group, rolling in to a party with a large group doesn’t fly. Grab a friend, grab some girls or fly solo to your next party.

23. Don’t Be “That Guy” At Football Games - Getting way too drunk and pissing others off was cool when you were slamming Smirnoff Ice in your grandma’s garage, now it’s just amateur hour. By all means if you’re going to drink, then do it, but show up to the game and root on your fellow Buffs, and learn the fight song beforehand.

24. Don’t Hit Up The CU Bookstore - You will walk out crying and needing a cold shower after paying $8 for a pencil, and let’s not even talk about your books. Review your syllabus and order books online. You’ll be much happier when you’re making it rain at your next party with all the extra $1′s you’ve saved up.

25. Don’t Go Out On Dates – They suck up your money and all formalities are out of the window. The girl you dropped $50 on last night, is the same one who ends up wasted at a frat party the next night–shaming her parents with her actions.

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Top 25 Tips for Freshman Girls (at CU Boulder)

So you are joining the ranks at CU Boulder. You have come to the number one party school in the country and you want to stand out in the crowd, learn college speak, or maybe just blend in smoothly. Either way here are 25 tips that will help you find your way this year. Consider this your freshmen orientation, ladies.

Photo by: Brant Fuller

1. Don’t loft your bed–When you’re tired, climbing into your bunk can feel like climbing Mt. Everest. Not to mention you can forget cuddle sessions if you loft your bed.

2. Befriend your roomie– Be friendly with your roommate but have other friends too. You are bound to get sick of each other at some point and you are going to need someplace to get away to.

3. Be open minded–College is about trying new things. Try things out but don’t lose who you are–value advice from old friends, but take the time to party with new ones.

4. Don’t go out every night–I don’t condone underage drinking, but if you’re going to party, do it with some brains. Don’t drink in the dorms, watch your drinking habits and make sure you are getting exercise every week. Remember ladies, the easiest way to gain “The Freshman 15″ is to go out every night and never hit the gym. Some nights you shouldn’t miss at CU-Boulder? Halloween and St. Patty’s Day.

Photo of CU Freshmen on Halloween

5. Rush. Go through rush or “fall recruitment” even if you don’t plan on joining a sorority. It can be fun getting to know people, and will help acquaint you better with CU.

6. Follow the Adventurous 500 (duh)– Whether you keep up with us via facebook, twitter, youtube, or by our website, The Adventurous 500 was one of the more entertaining ways I used to optimize my freshman year–deals, blogs and music.

7. Go to class– Half the battle is simply attending and with 35% of freshman students dropping out of school each year, you can’t afford to skip. If you start skipping class it gets easier and easier to fall behind.

8. Girls rule boys drool–Boys take a step back in maturity when they are on their own. Don’t expect them to want a relationship…or call you back. Take the first few years of college to focus on building yourself rather than a relationship.

9. Learn about you landlord before signing a lease– Do your research on your living options (for sophomore year). Start looking for a place to live in January and make sure you read through your lease with your parents to avoid getting yourself into a confusing legal situation. Landlords can make or break your living experience.

10. Take advantage of happy hours–Restaurants offer cheaper meals, appetizers and drinks–a great way to start off your night with the girls.

11. Study.

12. Be drink savvy– Always pour your own drink and never put it down at a party. I am sure you will hear that a million times, but it is important. While most people are good people and just want to party, there are creepers lurking when you least expect it.

13. Make friends in class–Set a goal of getting to know at least one person well in each of your classes. It will motivate you to go if you look forward to seeing them each day and (more importantly) you can exchange notes.

14. Avoid picking 8am classes at all costs–No matter how much of a morning person you are, you are going to be living in a dorm with hundreds of other people who may not go to bed at the same time as you…and pee in your hallway.

15. Be realistic with your budget–Just because you may want those Steve Madden boots, doesn’t mean you can afford them. Many college students go into debt during college by making needless purchases and because our economy is horrible your parents aren’t a sure bet either.

16. Never wear a nice jacket out–Buy a cheap jacket that you can stand losing. If you forget it or it gets stolen, its no big deal. Try looking at Goodwill and other thrift stores like Savers. I like to call them Frackets (frat jackets).

17. Take time for yourself–Find a place where you can have “you time” (i.e. get coffee alone, take walks or find a special place in the library where you can focus on you for a little time each day.)

Photo by Kayla Fuller (me) at The Laughing Goat in Norlin Library

18. Never walk home alone at night–And never let your friends walk alone. Take advantage of CU’s Night Ride System or Taxis.

19. Avoid losing your purse–Never bring anything too important out with you, you will lose it eventually. Satchels are a great option if you really need to bring your stuff out.

20. Be textbook savvy A classic mistake that freshmen make is buying every book from the bookstore. Wait for the first week of class to finish before buying your books. Sometimes you will not need them at all, you may be able to share with a friend and always check Amazon or for good deals first!

21. Make connections–Start making connections your freshman year, including an internship. For Colrado student: you’re lucky to live in one of the only economically fortunate states in America–companies are looking interns and new talent.

22. Better safe than sorry–Carry pepper spray on your keychain, don’t talk on your cell phone if you are walking alone, and take well-lit roads.

23. Coco knows best– “A girl should always be two things: classy and fabulous” ~Coco Channel. It’s not classy or fabulous to sleep with every guy in a circle of friends, especially without protection. Your decisions are your own, but be smart!

24. Introduce yourself to your professors–They notice when students make an effort with them. If you really feel like standing out sit in the front of class–it’s statistically proven that front-row students get higher grades.

25. Always wear shower shoes–just do it.


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10 Things To Do After Graduating College

what to do after college

What they never told you about the “real” world: What to Do After College

Congratulations, the year has ended and so has life in college—don’t be afraid, we’ve got your back. The mixed emotions of celebration and panic are common when graduating. Yet if you do these 10 things after college, transitioning into the real world and finding a job might be a little easier. One year after college, I wish they told me this.

1. Define Your Goals – Stop. Before you do anything, write down your short-term and long term objectives. Putting something in writing helps you visualize your objective and will help you take the next step whether it’s pursuing a Master Degree Online or applying for an internship.

2. Network With The Right People – In college, you learn to network. Unfortunately, few people focus on meeting the right people. After defining your goals, it’s important to connect with people that will help you accomplish them:

-Get on the phone and schedule informational interviews.
-Attend trade-related meetups.
-Intern for free, if you can afford it.

3. Beggars Can’t Be Choosers – Everyone wants ‘the dream job’, but don’t let a good job disappear because you’re waiting for the perfect fit. If you’re one of the lucky individuals to receive a job offer, take it. There are countless amounts of people that are just waiting to take the ‘good job’ away from you – in this economy, take the job and pursue your dream job when you can afford to do so.

4. Be Positive –I’ve hired more individuals for their positive attitude than any other technical reason. As a fledgling/newbie in the business realm, you’re expected to have limited skills—this magnifies the importance of being personable and positive in everything you do.

5. Read – While you’re expected to have less skill than most people in the business realm, there is no excuse for a lack of knowledge. Find out what business leaders in your industry are reading and mimic them. Cliché? Perhaps. But knowledge is power.

6. Listen & Connect – In interviews and most business circumstances, the opposition will tell you everything that you need to know. Listen to them, hear their needs (as subtle as it may be) and connect with them. The ability to listen and connect is golden.

7. Monitor You Social Networks – Be yourself, but do it with class.
-Clean up your Facebook photos—nobody wants to see you chugging a Keystone Light.
-Build your networks—social currency is a huge asset to any company. Be that asset.
-Job hunting has never been easier. Use Twitter to look for jobs.

8. Be Prepared to Fail.

9. Fail Harder – Your failures don’t define you. Your response to failure does. Bounce back from your failures, try harder and work smarter. Ultimately, fail harder in life and be better the next time around.

10. Stop Acting Entitled
–You will not get anywhere in life simply because you think you deserve it—earn it. Unfortunately, our generation has the stigma of being incredibly entitled, but this is a good thing for you. While the rest of your friends are ‘taking 6 months off to clear their heads’, work hard. Your actions are a direct testament of your thoughts; if you work harder than everyone else, the right people will notice you.

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